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3 Reasons a Professional Voice Over is Your Best Option

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Voice overs have been in your life for as long as you can remember. We were the ones who brought your favorite cartoon characters to life or introduced your favorite show. We were the ones who told you about the best breakfast cereal and the ones who told you which button to press for customer service. We were the ones who got you up to date on your compliance training and read your new favorite book at the end of a long day. After everything we’ve done for you, shouldn’t you look for a professional voice over for your next project? But, just in case you’re still not convinced, here are a few more things we can do to make your project great.

  • We don’t just read.

Unfortunately, many people believe that voice over is simply reading some words into a microphone. That’s like saying baseball is just catching and throwing or playing piano is just about hitting the right keys at the right time. On a fundamental level these are all true, but a fundamental understanding isn’t going to get you an major league contract. Voice over professionals have trained and refined their skills to be able to bring your words to life. We have studied the sounds and trends of a wide range of voice over genres. We have developed an ability to invoke emotion with our voice and we will use those skills to bring your project to life and make it shine.

  • We know how to record and have the equipment to do it.

Today, everyone has a microphone in their pocket. Just pull out your smartphone, open a recording app and you’re good to go, right? Wrong. Have you considered your recording environment? How much room noise is there? Can you hear the typing of the person in the room next door? What about the air conditioner buzzing in the background? Is there any reverb? What about your neighbor cutting the lawn or cars on the street? Are you too close to the microphone? Maybe too far? And why are all those P’s so poppy? And all this hasn’t even touched on the technical details of recording equipment. No one expects you to know about all of this. That’s why we’re here. Your job is to be the best you can be at what you do. Let us worry about making it sound good.

  • We add a level of credibility.

Regardless of what it is you are presenting, you’ll be leaving your audience with an impression of yourself and your business. The higher the quality of your production, the more likely it is people will think of you as an important player in your field. A well-delivered voice over shows that you care about what you do. It makes you seem well established and accomplished. On the other hand, if you present a mediocre production with poor acting and bad audio, why would anyone expect anything else you do to be any better? Whether this is your one chance to make a first impression or an attempt to build on a relationship, do you really want to sow any seeds of doubt?

Voice over is an investment. Hiring a professional voice over shows that you have made the decision to invest in yourself and your company’s growth. Whether you are trying to acquire new customers, offer a new service, train a new employee or keep people informed, professional voice over will make you sound good. We know you care about what you do. Make sure everyone else can hear just how much.

About the Author: Jim Rush is a professional storytelling voiceover talent. His voice is like a next-door-neighbor explaining how to start a lawn mower, like a professor from your favorite class, and like a dad telling the kids to “keep it down back there!” What’s your story? Everyone has stories: people, organizations, companies and their products. The best way to advertise and sell your product is to tell its story. You know your story. Let Jim tell it. To contact Jim, call 816-806-7524 or E-mail jim.rush@jimrushvoice.com.

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