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3 Voice Over Services That Will Make Your Clients Happy

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Have you ever called your own business number? Do you know what your clients or potential clients experience when they call your business? When was the last time you visited you own business Website? Does it greet new clients with a friendly voice in an engaging video? Or do they have to scroll through pages of text to get the point? And how do you help your employees handle the every-day customer service grind?

Here are three very effective yet affordable ways to make your customers happy and come back again and again.

#1 An On-Hold Marketing Message will give information about products and services during a short wait time

When a customer or future client calls your business, the first ten seconds on the phone can make or break the whole relationship. On average, a caller spends 33 seconds waiting for a transfer or connection. What are they listening to – silence, music, or an friendly and informative description of products and services? Maybe answers to your most frequently asked questions? An On-Hold Marketing Message on your IVR System can do that for your customers and more, like invite them to visit your Website. Your customer will be equipped with more information even before speaking with your customer service reps.

#2 A Helpful Video with a Friendly Voice will make your customer feel good about being your customer

What impression does your Website make for your customers. Do they have to hunt for reasons to buy or read mountains of text to understand what you do for them? A helpful whiteboard or explainer video with a friendly voice can be the difference between a customer who stays and one who jumps to the next site.
Whiteboard/Explainer videos have been shown to offer between 90% – 95% return on investment. Those using video win an average of $8,000 more revenue than those who don’t
A Forbes Study revealed that 59% of customers would prefer to watch video over reading text if both are presented on a page
Over half of eCommerce buyers report feeling more confident in a purchase decision after watching a product video

#3 HR & Training Materials with the same friendly voice will prepare your staff to make happy customers

Many people remember better what they see and hear rather than what they read. Complement your employee handbooks with a well voiced video that summarizes the highlights and the most important points. Use instructional videos for customer service training. HR and training materials with an engaging voice can make the difference in your customer service team. While your customers are always right, your people are still your most important asset.

These voice over services may seem small but they are really affordable ways to enhance your customer experience and your employee readiness. In today’s climate of strong competition, it is these little things that keep your customers happy and coming back.

About the Author: Jim Rush is a professional storytelling voiceover talent. His voice is like a next-door-neighbor explaining how to start a lawn mower, like a professor from your favorite class, and like a dad telling the kids to “keep it down back there!” What’s your story? Everyone has stories: people, organizations, companies and their products. The best way to advertise and sell your product is to tell its story. You know your story. Let Jim tell it. To contact Jim, call 816-806-7524 or E-mail jim.rush@jimrushvoice.com.

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