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Communicating in a Commercial

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When it comes to voice over in commercials, even though the number of projects in television and radio are declining, the growing popularity of commercials on YouTube, podcasts and other online streaming services, provide plenty of options for commercial work.

Commercial Voice Over Jobs
The main job of the commercial voice over professional is to promote a particular product or service. This promotion may involve narration or voice acting, depending on the type of commercial the voice over artist is recording. These commercials may be broadcast on the radio, on television, in podcasts, over the Internet or, more recently, through smartphone applications.

Additionally, commercial voice over jobs are applicable to nearly any industry. They are most popular among businesses based in industries such as retail, hospitality and entertainment, but are often found in other sectors as well.

When casting a voice actor for a commercial job, there are many things you need to consider to ensure the end product will produce your intended effect. You will need to make sure that you have crafted a great script that will properly direct and support the voice actor’s skill and really hit on all of your key points. If you get stuck on how the script should be written, you can take a look at a few sample scripts to get you all set up for scripting success.

Commercial Voice Over Talent
Given the sheer range of applications for commercial voice overs, it is an absolute necessity for voice artists to possess great versatility. They may be asked to perform humorous sketches or speak in an authoritative tone. Either way, such jobs must be undertaken in both a professional and creative manner.

The demographics of your audience will affect how you categorize ‘the ideal commercial voice over artist.’ The sound you select may also vary greatly depending on the industry and the type of commercial being recorded. Many advertisers choose an accent, gender or age group based on your commercial’s specific offering – and who it appeals to.

It is important to choose a voice that sounds like the audience you are targeting, as generally, people like to gather information from a voice that sounds like it could be a peer (learn more about sounding like a peer in the 2018 Trends Report). This means making sure the gender and voice age match that of your end users. Along with age and gender you will also want to think about the region or area where the commercial will be viewed. You might consider using a local accent for places where distinct accents can be heard.

When choosing a voice actor for your commercial, be sure to listen to many demos and decide what voice is best suited for your commercial. Explore some of the amazing voice talent and listen to their demos to find the perfect voice for your job.

Commercial Style Can Influence Voice Over: Do You Have a Hard Sell, Soft Sell, or Medium Sell?
One other consideration that can help guide the style of voice you choose, is the type of sell in your commercial script.

For instance, a soft sell is categorized as persuasive and friendly. So, if your commercial is trying to convey this tone, you may opt for a voice over style that feels familiar to the target audience, and not too pushy – maybe like the girl or guy next door.

However, if you’re opting for a hard sell, which is more aggressive and plays upon limited-time offers, you may find that an attention-grabbing announcer voice is a more powerful choice.

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