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How Realtors Benefit from Voice Over Services

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“Narration works,” says a realtor from Minnesota. “People are listening and more importantly, they are buying!”’

If you’re in the business of buying and selling real estate, then you probably agree – you’re really in the people business. Whenever you list something for sale on your web site or social media, you must humanize the experience for potential buyers to make what you are selling seem more accessible, meaningful and attractive.

How can a house shown through a virtual tour evoke feelings of warmth, comfort and desire? Voice over can add an emotional touch that will selling homes online even easier. Hiring a voice over artist – for $75 to $100 – for your property listing video, adds a personal dimension to how a prospective buyer identifies with what could be their future home. The bigger the purchase, the more personable and authentic the sales approach needs to be.

  • Many real estate agencies, as well as home builders, are already doing this.
  • Don’t just show people pictures of your listing, help them experience the home though spoken word.
  • Use a professional voice over to point out every feature the home has to offer.
  • Sell the home before they get to the showing.
  • Professionally narrated virtual tour videos will make your listings stand out, make them sell faster and give you an edge on your competition!

See this sample

About the Author: Jim Rush is a professional storytelling voiceover talent. His voice is like a next-door-neighbor explaining how to start a lawn mower, like a professor from your favorite class, and like a dad telling the kids to “keep it down back there!” What’s your story? Everyone has stories: people, organizations, companies and their products. The best way to advertise and sell your product is to tell its story. You know your story. Let Jim tell it. To contact Jim, call 816-806-7524 or E-mail jim.rush@jimrushvoice.com.

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